$350.00 NZD (Incl. GST)

All My Favourite Shapes - Sara Hughes

Based on a major interactive artwork the artist conceived for the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in 2019.

This Mini-Set Includes · A flexible black board (100 x 60cm) with self-adhesive backing allowing easy installation onto most walls

· 240 small magnetic shapes in a range of 15 colours packed in a wooden box, made from NZ pine.

· Endless opportunities for imagination, inquiry and problem solving.

· Limited edition poster by the artist. Support Local This set is made in New Zealand using local and imported materials.

From the artist Sara Hughes is an established New Zealand artist well known for her dynamic paintings and installations. “This work responds to a basic human need to be creative, and invites participants of all ages to take part. My hope is that you will enjoy this mini set of All My Favourite Shapes, have fun making your own creations and compositions - the possibilities are endless”. “I first created a mini set of All My Favourite Shapes for my sons sixth seventh birthday from the offcuts, left over from hand cutting the magnetic shapes. During lockdown I thought a lot about the role of art and I developed this set, my intention to bring creativity into the home for all ages”