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transmissionspace: David Clegg projects 2006-2012

A collaborative effort between the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, ST PAUL St Gallery and Ilam Press, this publication brings together three of David Clegg’s projects occurring between 2009 and 2012:Rerecordings 2006-2009, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2009; failurespace, part of Iteration: Again, Hobart, Tasmania, 2011; and transmissionspace and the index of atmospheres, St Paul St Gallery, 2012.

transmissionspace: David Clegg projects 2006-2012includes essays by Charlotte Huddleston, Aaron Kreisler, and Eliza Burke. As with all Clegg's previous printed matter this publication is constructed in such a manner that it has a conceptual, structural and aesthetic integrity that is distinct from the original exhibitions. Designed by Luke Wood and printed at Ilam Press on a Risograph, the publication responds to Clegg's aesthetics and content incorporating the sound via URLs that are listed along with their images. The reader can load the online pages, click play and listen while reading and browsing through the book.

The publication is effectively a tool for rethinking a set of existing projects and itself a continuation of an ongoing investigation into the relationship between the actual, reproduced and remembered experience of the work. The projects take in Santiago, Chile; Dunedin, New Zealand; Hobart, Tasmania; Berlin, Germany; and Paris, France. They also inevitably take in the sites in which they were exhibited and reproduced—such as in this publication, and via the internet—transmitting Clegg’s atmospheres anywhere.